I have had an emotional couple of days, days which filled me to the breaking point, literally, of the highs and the lows of work, relationships, and self-introspection.  I don’t need to go into details, because what happened isn’t very important.  That’s how it goes sometimes. Things happen to us which wring us dry, and then we come to realize that the Thing itself wasn’t nearly as important as the redirection it provided.  This is one of those times for me.

So I will skip to this morning, where, with tired eyes that were still slightly puffy from the ugly cry that literally wracked me in bed last night, I sat down and started reading. I absorbed the words about leadership and goal making and drive as my internal mind spun and formulated and envisioned and taped together ideas from pretty much every experience I have had in the last few years.

I grabbed a notebook and started writing… like… ACTUALLY WRITING. WITH MY HAND. AND A PEN. ON A PIECE OF PAPER.  Did you know we could still do that?

This is what I wrote, unedited and raw and probably full of ideas that skip tracks and meander off into their own world for a little while…. because sometimes when we capture those wild thoughts that refuse to stay in a straight line, they can lead to wild beginnings with unknown and oftentimes much more exciting endings than the thoughts that obey and stay in line.

I hope you pull something out of it. Because I did. And my eyes and heart now look like those little heart-eyed emoticons, perhaps with a dash of the one with the sweat mark weirdly hanging off of his forehead, which I think signifies that he is perhaps a bit anxious about what’s about to play out.


In the age of social media, we expect knowledge to be handed to us, to show in our daily feeds, with a trendy design and a catchy headline. We are forgetting how to SEEK wisdom. We are forgetting to ask questions that we aren’t already being offered an answer to.  We are growing complacent in stagnant waters.

This is leading us towards a massive amount of people who stop growing personally, who become so afraid of leaving their comfort zones that they cut their own potential off at their knees.

We are slowly believing the lie that we can all be experts in everything… that we can all be great politicians… great cooks (but look at how many tasty videos I have watched!)… great artists… great athletes… if we just try HARD ENOUGH.  That is a lie.  You cannot be great at all of those things. But you CAN be great at SOMETHING.  In searching for expertise in all areas, we have forgotten to look for that kernel of longing and passion that already lies within all of us.  We trade being passion driven in something we love for mediocrity in many things that we tolerate.

It’s time to let go of the dozen strings you are holding on to, and discover the one that is holding on to you.

Imagine living in such a way where there was no resentment in your workplace. Where Monday’s weren’t a curse word because you are actually rested from your weekend and ready to get back in there.  Where at the end of your work day you don’t feel obligated to obtain perfection in 100 different areas in your life, but instead you could enjoy the quiet, unexciting evenings with your family.  You can rest in the mundane because your passions are being fueled as you press into your work.  Because God not only gave us these passions to delight us, but he gave us the ability to delight in our rest.  But we, as a culture, have decided that to have rest is to miss success.  We have decided that rest cannot be an intentional choice, that aids success by giving it room to breathe.  And when we believe that, we smother our own fires.

The goal of this life is not to drive hard so you can “make it”.  The goal is to find something that drives YOU, and to delight in the moments of rest amidst it.

Don’t believe the lies just because they are aplenty and easily accessible.  Your fire will go out, and the world will have lost something precious.



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