the calling.

Have you ever been at a moment when you can look and ACTUALLY SEE how your life has been leading you into a certain lesson?  Where it’s clear as day, and you are actually able to connect the dots?

The last two years of our lives have been like that.  It’s been a rollercoaster of choices and chances and tears and laughter and pretty much ALL THE EMOTIONS.  And I know that we are not at the end of this lesson… but at this point I can see the trail of bread crumbs when I look back.  And it’s amazing.

So much of the last few years of my life (and beyond that if I am honest) have been forming a picture in my mind on what our Callings look like.   That’s a big word.  Calling.

For so long, I was very much under the impression that my Calling would be this BIG THING, and that it would be so clear when I Got There.  When I reached that point in my life where I could raise my arms up and say LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF I AM DOING.  THIS IS MY CALLING.  And I had pretty good ideas as to what that was going to be.  As well as pretty good markers that I would have to hit before I could say that I had reached my Calling.

What I am finding, though, is that that is not all how it is.  Or at least not at all how it’s been for me.

I have been waiting on that moment in my life where I could stand and boldly say YES to my calling.  It would be a moment where my old life was over and my New Life With A Calling would begin.

I am starting to see, however, that my Calling is in fact happening now.  Every day.  With ten thousand little Yes’s that I make from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep.  Yes to getting out of bed.  Yes to smiling at my children, even if I haven’t had coffee yet.  Yes to loving my husband. Yes to sitting in a scary place with a friend so she doesn’t have to do that alone.  Yes to doing laundry. Again.  Yes to doing dishes. Again.  Yes to cleaning the toilet. Yes to no quiet time. Yes to my kids crawling on my lap for a snuggle when all I want to do is hide in my closet with a bottle of wine and a good book.  Yes, yes, yes.

There are some big Yes’s that we have had as well.  Yes to leaving my husband’s job (and all the nice little things that came along with that…) to move to Minnesota.  Yes to choosing a life full of uncertainty that had the hope of joy, instead of a life full of certainty and the great possibility of exhaustion with a side of potential emptiness.  We said yes to chucking ourselves off the cliff of the American Dream, and are letting ourselves plummet into the life that God has called us to. Yes to joining our church.  Yes to starting a blog.  Yes to moving towards women who are lost in the Mess of Mommyhood, and forgot that perhaps their own Callings are whispering to them in the Ins and Outs of their seemingly ordinary lives.

My Calling is now.  My Calling is Here.  Wherever I am.  My calling is to press into Jesus and trust that the people, the places, the opportunities that are laying themselves in front of me are the ones that I am meant to encounter.  Trusting that when he knit me together, he had this moment in mind.  We like to say that we were made for Such a Time As This.  I think that means every moment.  Every moment is a time that God has created for us to breathe the gifts and passions that He instilled in us… breathe those into that moment and see His work in progress.

Maybe that makes it sound less romantic.  That’s ok.  I love thinking about the ripple effect that my Yes has.  And I love the idea that I will probably never know what each of these Yes’s meant.   I can see it in my own life, where other people’s Yes’s literally altered my life, and they have no idea.

So it may sound a little bit less thrilling when it’s not one Big Moment.  But I think that that drives home the most important part of this whole thing… that our Calling is not about us at all.  Our Calling is about the whisper of God, running through our lives, knitting us together in the body of Christ.  Our Calling is his own thumbprint, small reflections of his wonder that we get to enjoy while we wait to go Home.




YOU are not a mistake.

YOU are an heir to the throne.

Be brave because the Lion will fight for you.

Be bold because the Lamb has died for you.

Be comforted because the Father has rescued you.

Be loud because the Spirit has filled you.

Speak and move mountains.

Love and break walls.

Open your mouth and let the Spirit fall out.

Open your eyes and let the waters part.

Open your ears and let the Word pour in.

Move your feet.  Move your hands.



Take the inheritance that is yours.

Let the Seal of God burn you alive,

And laugh as the flames




Find your passions.  Find your spark.  Find your YOU.

And say Yes.

All the time.

Say Yes.

YOU are an heir to the throne.

YOU are not a mistake.


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