going viral.


THAT was a fun week!

I have to say, I certainly did not expect for my shenanigans at Target to hit such a nerve in Mamas everywhere (not sure what I am talking about? Take a read!).  And I certainly did not think that, in writing that post, I would be setting myself up for such a good lesson in Self-Examination and Bullet-Proofing-Your-Heart.

So, a little breakdown of how this past week went down.  I woke up Wednesday morning to a few of my friends/family laughing about my post that I made Tuesday night.  This is normal.  My blog, before this week, only had a few posts on them (7, in fact) and had maybe an average rate of getting anywhere from 25-100 views per post (Thanks, mom!).  I am a BABY blogger.  And one that never actually considered the idea of it ever going ‘main stream’.  Not because I would hate that, but who ever imagines getting this kind of attention when they aren’t actively seeking it??

Anyway, I hit publish Tuesday night on the now infamous #MASTC post, and by Wednesday night, I had sweaty palms (which would last the next few days) and a probably unhealthy addiction to clicking update on my stats.  WHAT WAS GOING ON.  I was nearing 1,000 views.  Madness.  My mom couldn’t possibly be clicking it that much.  My husband told me he thought I would get up to 10,000 views in the next few days.  I laughed at him.  Because, no.

Thursday morning, I woke up to just over 8,000 views, and figured out I could do this fun game where I just keep refreshing my stats page and the numbers would be different EVERY TIME.

Friday morning, the post hit its peak, reaching over 100,000 views, and a local news agency picked up the story.  This is where it gets fun.  I was initially floored when I saw it (no joke, I was at my MOPS meeting and I just laid down on the ground because it made no sense!).  But it was fun! And exciting!  But then I actually read the article… and some of the comments that followed it.  Suddenly, a post that was meant to be funny and light and for my friends and family had thrusted me under the spotlight, and a twisted version of ME had become the center of some interesting opinions.  I was still trying to catch my breath from the fact that my post was being shared and read by people I didn’t know, and so this very quickly pulled the rug out from under me.  I spent the rest of that day warring with myself.  Do I read the comments? Do I avoid them?  CAN I avoid them?  Of course I read the comments.  Again.  And again.  And again.

The basic run down of the article, the comments that followed, as well as some colorful commenters on the actual blog was that I was an unfit mother, who brought these hard times on myself… or some version of that.  A lot of those comments were from men, and the rest were from fellow mamas.

I’m going to let the men off the hook because, well, I just don’t have the energy to even GO THERE.  But mamas… come on now.

Guys.  We are a tribe.  And in fact, I already wrote about that! Check it out!  It should be clear, to any mother of any amount of children, that this job that we have? Where we have to keep our Tiny Humans alive and somehow inspire them to change the world, but also keep in line! And also, don’t ruffle too many feathers, but also BE YOU… This is the hardest job.  And we aren’t meant to do it alone.  That being said, SO MANY OF US are in fact doing it alone because of that fear that sets in when you start to pit your parenting up against someone else’s parenting.  When their kids run faster, think faster, shower faster, WHATEVER.  And you start to look down at your own self and decide that you are broken and therefore cannot avoid raising broken children.

I wrote a blog post about a funny night at Target.  Was I actually trying to start a movement? No.  Did I think it would ever be read by anyone but my People? Not a chance.  Did I deserve the comments that called me lazy, that called my kids zombies, that decided that I was some selfish sloth that decided to make life hard for everyone because I didn’t get my way at a store that owes me nothing?

The culture today would have me say yes.  That I did deserve it because I put my thoughts down on ‘paper’ and decided to be ‘bold’ enough to post them.  That I did deserve it because other people don’t parent like I do (though… from what I gather, a lot of people DO parent like me).  That I do deserve it because that’s just part of the game of being under the public’s eye.

Well.  I don’t accept that.  For a moment, I did.  And it was crushing.  Among all of the good comments about what I wrote (and there were SO. MANY.  For which I cannot properly thank you all for!), the negative ones were the ones that stuck in my skin and irritated the hell out of me.  And, oddly enough, it was going back and rereading THIS POST that I wrote just before the #MASTC post that brought it home for me.

My identity does not, has not, and never will lie in what I type out on this blog.  It does not lie in the mistakes I have, am, and will make as a parent, as a spouse, as a daughter, as a friend.  (And also? Most of the negative commenters attacked me for not being a Perfect Parent… THAT’S KIND OF MY THING).

My identity lies in the light that was breathed into me when I was conceived, that told me that I was loved, and that I had a purpose, and that that purpose can be as simple as Love People The Best That You Can.  And I can do that.  And I AM doing that.

And I wager that we ALL are doing that.  We are doing the best we can.  And I say it’s time to stop being afraid to show our Messy for fear of backlash.  Own your Messy, because then when people call you out on it, you can just laugh and laugh and say, “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”  And when you see another parent totally losing the battle (perhaps at Target? With a Tiny Human driving a Tiny Cart?), give her a smile, perhaps even a kind word.  Tell her you’ve been there, done that.  Tell her she is more than this moment.

This world is hard, peeps.  Every day, there is Evil winning.  Let’s not be a part of it.  Let’s decide that our light is too good, too important to hide away.  Let’s go ahead and be the Light of the World that we have already been told we are.

And for those who are curious, #MASTC has been viewed over 230,000 times, and shared over 22,000 times.  MIND BLOWN.

You are the light of the world-2.png




69 thoughts on “going viral.

      1. Thanks for your MASTC blog. I hated telling my LO, “No tiny carts.”

        Every mom has a different story. Some moms have lots of support from family, friends, &/ or employees and others have no other adult to help.

        Sounds like you really know yourself and are pretty self-aware.

        Nothing wrong with trying to be a good mom, get stuff done, and keep your sanity.


  1. Oh how I love reading your stuff. It’s crazy how we aren’t allowed to speak the reality that is life, without fear of being attacked by people who think they’ve got it all figured out. My take on those people, they’ve got it way worse than you and I do, but feel like putting others down, makes them look better. Why do we do this to people? Why can’t we all just love one another, like we are called to? “Can’t we all just get along?”
    And for those who were saying you are not a good mother, they just don’t know anything, and I will pray for them. I’m not this crazy Christian who prays for all the bad in the world. But…I’m thinking this will be better than lashing out at them. Because those who hurt, hurt. And I refuse to hurt, or hurt others.
    I love you, and I love your expression of this world you are living. It’s a world so many are in, and are worried that, they too. are screwing it all up.
    So, go forth and carry on! You’re doing a bang up job girlie!


  2. You are an amazing mom, wife and friend. We are too hard on ourselves as moms. If my kids are breathing at the end of the day, I was successful. When I can cook a healthy eal, do Bible devotions and spend quiet time with them all then we are a lot happier. Things do not always work out. Hubs goes out of town or works late, kids puke, babies wake up 10 times a night for cuddles…etc. Love you!


  3. Kudos to this response! Being a mother is hard enough without the critical eye of someone responding in a moment that you took and twisted into a funny story. I found your post on one of the link ups, and I thought it was hilarious!!! I even made a mental note to avoid the small carts on my next venture to Target. Keep on doing motherhood your way! I am LOVING it!


  4. dear friend, you are more then all of that for sure! you are an extremely gifted writer a beautiful mamma and a great friend. So glad God brought you back to your identity being rooted in him. Keep writing! keep dreaming big! and keep being you. love you!


  5. Your post had me laughing for days; it was hilarious! You have a gift for writing – keep at it and please don’t let negative trolls deter you. I forwarded your post to several of my mom friends and it truly was the high point of our week!!! It made me feel understood and validated, which is a rarity in my crazy mom life! 😉


  6. As an AASTC (Auntie Against Stupid Tiny Carts), I applaud and loved your post so much.

    I read it in a group of over 7000 women, and then shared it with my sister, whose immediate reaction was how great your article was! (Rapidly followed by the impending fear of if our Target will get them.)

    DO NOT LET STUPID PEOPLE STEAL YOUR MOMENT!!! Enjoy the fact that your words have resonated with so many people and they are applauding you speaking up by sharing your words. Kudos, internet stranger who wrote an amazing piece. Kudos.


  7. Oh my goodness – can I just say THANK YOU for making me laugh out loud with your #MASTC post? Laughing so hard in fact that I had to explain it to my team at work (all of whom have little kids) and they too were laughing hysterically! I had just convinced my daughter that stores had rules that kids had to be in carts and then the tiny carts appeared – UGH! Anyway, thanks for making my day and to all those who have time and energy to shame you, get a life and loosen up! Keep on writing laughingwithoutlimits!



  8. This post and the MASTC post made my day! I laughed, I cried, and now I will share with all of my friends and family with children! Keep writing, you are very gifted at it. And I will keep reading and cheering you on!


  9. I laughed so hard reading your blog post, shared it on my Facebook and proudly stated I’m joining MASTC!! You made my whole week! Thank you for making me feel like someone gets it! 🙂 Let the haters hang at Trader Joe’s…hopefully, I’ll run into you walking into Target one day and give you one if those high-fives!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Please don’t censor yourself. People will have opinions about everything just because they can. Some people just can’t handle differing views. I hope you keep blogging and cherish your new following of moms (some who think they are perfect and some who are not) and everyone else along for your hilarious posts. While I am not a mom, I applaud you and any mom (“perfect” or not) with Tiny Humans.

    And now your Tiny Human has the coolest story for when he’s a “F”ASTC someday!


  11. I may never have found your blog had a friend not shared your tiny carts post. You said exactly what I thought to myself when I saw those little contraptions at my local target! Keep on writing from your heart.


  12. (I just posted this under the initial Tiny Cart Article, but it might fit better here…)
    Disclaimer: I am not a parent of humans – only 4-legged furry things with floppy ears, but I have coached kids of all ages, and once worked an after-school program, so I have a very, very limited experience with tiny humans.
    When I first saw the tiny carts, I thought “Oh, how cute! And smart by Target to create little shoppers.” Then I remembered what my mom told me about my behavior as a child (I was a tiny human who would’ve pushed the tiny carts, had they existed, in the late 70’s). She said no matter where we went, I always behaved well, with one notable exception, especially at Target. I would apparently beg for numerous things I knew I needed, like a Luke Skywalker toy in a different outfit from the 4 that I already had. I never threw tantrums, but I drove her nuts…so I can only imagine what I would have done with my own cart!! The poor merchandising team would’ve been spending an hour putting things back that would not get purchased every time I was there. Around the same time this thought came to me, I watched an unlucky soul get clobbered by a cart driven by a future race car driver (perhaps Indy/CART racing?), and I realized this might not be as cute as I first thought!
    Kids are kids. They do stuff their parents don’t want them to do. Heck, even Jesus went back to teach at the temple without his parents knowing. Are Mary and Joseph now considered bad parents? Anyone who spends their time talking about how that would never happen with their kids or if they had kids apparently forgot when their parents taught them to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and to not be a twit (plus they are lying, as no child is always perfect). If you just stood there and stared for 5 minutes while your child repeatedly kicked a stranger, that would seem to be bad parenting. Having a child who acts like a child is not bad parenting. People need to carefully get off their high horses, before the horse determines that their self-righteousness is exhausting, and throws them off.
    P.s. I loved the blog post, if that was not apparent!


  13. I keep hearing about these perfect parents, but I’ve yet to see them in real life. I read their comments, but I suspect they aren’t sitting on the Seat of Judgmement so much as in the seat of a messy minivan. You’re so brave to set a boundary (like a good parent) and say,”You shall not pass!” We don’t need trolls and haters, especially when they’re other moms! We need people like you, who take our collective, ordinary frustrations and give us a way to laugh about them together. Your light is good and necessary and so greatly enjoyed. I know the self-proclaimed perfect parents can cut deeply but I’m praying that you can bask in the glow of everyone who appreciates your intent and delivery and that you can wrap our support around you like cozy armor. Keep writing!


  14. Guuuuuuuuuurl!!!! I HEAR you!!! I’m the Mom who wrote the “letter to her Husband” that went viral. According to the interwebs, my parents should’ve looked into birth control upon deciding my creation…and I should’ve done the same, regarding the procreation of MY children. Look at the good comments, look at the hearts, look at the shares. Compare that to the trolly McTrollersons that lack ANY ounce of a personality. Your blog was hysterical. It’s a damned shame we can’t all just lift each other up, instead of destroying one another’s feelings and self worth with hurtful words. Them there are just a bunch of turds. Keep being you.


    1. I have been thinking about you!! I was at Unconvention in Denver, came home and wrote the MASTC post the next night. You were literally one of the first people I thought of! So funny!
      And thank you for your thoughts! It is just so strange to have something you wrote leave your hands in such a big way! I LOVED YOUR BLOG by the way.


  15. Your Target post made my day. I’m truly sorry about the haters. But from mama to mama, it was just what I needed to read. SOo funny and perfect.


  16. I read both the funny one and this one- you hang in there girl! That was a hysterical blog, I can so picture all of that happening with my own kids, when they were little, and my own grand kiddos now. People hide behind their keyboards and say the stupidest things sometimes. There are no perfect parents, and anyone portraying themselves like that are lying. I think it is helpful to remember people usually respond by how they are seeing themselves, in other words- the flaws or faults they claim you have, they actually fear they have those as well.
    Rock on and keep enjoying those kiddos! ❤


  17. Everyone knows the mini carts or “customer in training carts” are not well liked. Why does Target not have the kids carts with the steering wheels? the fun carts, taxi, princess, tractor models like Safeway and Albertson’s?


  18. Laughing at this whole story all morning, isn’t humanity just great??! People just get wrecked over the strangest of things. You’re a gift, your voice is distinct and your perspective is awesome. Write, write, write about anything and everything and keep giving us all some limitless laughing!! 🙂


  19. Not going to lie, I saw an article about target pulling the little carts and your original blog post tagged in it and I was furious! But I read your original post and this one. As disappointed as I am that they are being pulled (I make a huge effort to go to stores with them when I have my 6 year old because it has done wonders for his shopping helpfulness), I am sorry you are being attacked in all of this. It’s hard when someone with the wrong mindset or attitude can completely change the direction your post was originally meant to go. I really hope this dies down soon so your blog can go back to the outlet it was meant to be for you. Keep your head up and stay strong.

    From one mother still trying to figure it all out to another 😉


  20. I read your original MASTC post out loud to my dad on Wednesday night… I don’t think we’ve both laughed so hard in a long, long time! Lots of tears and having to wait a minute before continuing reading because we laughed so hard we could barely breathe! It was a great read, extremely real for all moms out there with little ones.

    Thank you for the great laugh in a week I severely needed it!


  21. I, for one, am so sorry you had to endure stupid comments from trolls whose sole purpose is to make others feel bad. My neighbor shared your MASTC blog on Facebook and I laughed SO HARD when I read it. My kids are now 11, 9, and 9 and I simply cannot imagine having to deal with those carts when my kids were toddlers! With three kids 18 months apart (one set of twins), I was already a circus whenever we went out anywhere. The tiny carts would have upped our circus game. Your blog post made me LAUGH. As moms, we need all of the opportunities to laugh that we can get. Raising kids is hard enough without being brutal to one another. Thank you for what you wrote!


  22. I didn’t see your blog until after it went viral. I can’t tell you how good I felt knowing there is another mom out there who hates those evil little carts. Our Target doesn’t have them, but another store I shop at does, and I die a little inside every time I take my kid there. Should I be the mean mom who never lets her kid have any fun? Or do I let him have the cart and spend 30 anxiety filled minutes just trying to get out of the store without him injuring someone? And we never make it out with everything we came for because I am in such a hurry to get my little destructor out of there. I hate those stupid carts with a passion.


  23. I am a great grandmother. And all of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were parented properly. Yet when in public they would do whatever it took to prove that was not the way they were parented. So I do not ever look down on a mom who has a child acting out. I am so glad to go into a store where the tiny carts are not allowed, as I have been the victim if one and it cost me three days off work. I did not say anything to the mother, she was mortified and apologized. I just ask the store manager if he intended to arm the children with anything else that would knock me over.
    There are no more little carts in that store either. I am grateful for you writing about this and hope you know that I personally think you are a hero!!


  24. Your post was spot on and is quite possibly the highlight of my day! I’m probably going to need surgery on my Achilles’ tendons from being repeatedly run over by my Tiny Human’s tiny cart. Gotta love it when that happens!! 🙄


  25. Your Target post was the first one of yours I’ve read, and I have to say that it was freaking hilarious. I don’t have a tiny human myself, but I’ve been around enough of them to know that things can get crazy, and I took the post as you most likely intended it: a funny, exaggerated post with tongue in cheek. Keep on keeping on.

    BTW– your experience is a perfect illustration of the crazy that is internet culture today. Maybe that should be the next movement?


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