owning your awesome.

It’s always interesting to me to sort of people watch from my own life at times. Especially during times of upheaval, in either the Awesome or Suckfest sense of the word. Currently, I am in the midst of such a time, both Awesome and Suckfest, and I am having a jolly time sitting on the observation deck of this ship that is steering towards that sparkly thing on the horizon.


I am only just over a week in to my Month of Trials (three kids on summer break plus a hubby that is working 9 hours away plus packing up a house to move at the end of this month equals a plate that is perhaps a little full), but already am feeling not only the pressure, but also the warmth that radiates from Your People when things get hot in your own bowl. I’ve heard quite a few remarks that contained the words “strong” and “supermom” when speaking about my Month of Trial. My first instinct is to reject that, and OH SO HUMBLY say NAY. TIS NOT STRENGTH. I AM BUT A WEAK MORTAL. PLEASE CEASE THIS UNENDING AND MISPLACED FLATTERY AT ONCE! I am inside the bubble, you see. I see the meltdowns, and I see Scary Mom rear her head at her kids, and I see the box that I packed with perhaps a little flamboyance that is now sitting on my desk upstairs with the words HUSBANDS’S SHIT scrawled in angry wife typography across the top. These secret moments create a sort of filter through which I see these compliments of strength. It’s like I am going around Instragraming kind words with the Suckfest filter on, so by the time they get to me, they are all angsty and matted. I cannot possibly be expected to accept a compliment at face value, because doing so would be not only very arrogant of me, but also so very untrue. I am not strong. I am not supermom. I made my Tiny Human cry yesterday by yelling at another driver for stopping at a stop sign. He stopped too much. Did too much stopping at the stop sign. And things weren’t going my way that morning (AT ALL) and so I yelled at Stoppy McStopperson for being a diligent driver. And made Tiny Human cry. I am not special or strong or super. I am perhaps average with lots of moments of failure to thrive.




What if that’s untrue… what if I am in fact Super and Strong because I have been presented with the opportunity to be just that… What if maybe the fact that we are surviving the Suckfest portion of this Upheaval means that, yes, we are wearing capes over here…


And I think that maybe that’s the case. I have so many women (and men, but let’s focus on the women for now) in my life that I really put on a pedestal. I see them bear burdens that I cannot imagine, and get through it still alive somehow. I see them age with Grace and Humor and am blown away by the strength they show on a daily basis. I call THEM Strong and Supermom. And so to hear the words presented to ME makes me truly uncomfortable.


But I think that may be the thing. Perhaps those women are not in possession of some special DNA chain that enables them to walk through life like that (or crawl if they must). Perhaps they are women just like us, that have been presented with the opportunity to show strength. Which means that these women are perhaps very average. Perhaps just as average as I am.


And before you think that I am underwhelming the feats of Strong women everywhere, I think that looking at it like this actually shows that they are much stronger than we first thought… and not only that… but that WE also very likely possess the same traits that they do, and that WE also very likely could be strong if we were given the opportunity.


If you are a mama, think of your birth story. People who have not had a child (by any means) truly cannot imagine how you did that. How you got THAT THING out of THAT PLACE (or sat awake on the operating table while it was CUT FROM YOUR BODY). They just cannot imagine it. They cringe when you tell the story. But you did it. And WHY you did it is a very important note to point out— you had no other choice. D-Day was there, and that baby was coming out, one way or another. You had just been presented with an opportunity to literally be Super Mom. And so you (perhaps literally) bore down and just did it.

So maybe let’s just start embracing that truth… that we are ALL Awesome and Super and Strong. Those qualities are there already, hidden in your heart, and when you need them, they will bloom and you will too. I think there are a lot of women that have yet to tap into the power that was given to them the moment they were conceived. And I think that there are many reasons why, but one of them is that we just don’t know it’s there.


So… know it’s there. You have all sorts of Awesome just waiting to bloom. You have been given Gifts and Talents that no one else has. And not only that, you have the Creator of the UNIVERSE just waiting, with bated breath, for you to discover them. And when you finally find them… and then hold them up and give them back to the God who breathed life into you… Watch out… Your whole world will explode. There will be nothing you cannot do.


and it will be yours.-2.png


Mark 11:23-24
Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.


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